Alarm Systems

Alarm Systems

Although crime such as burglary and theft in Singapore may be rare, low crime does not mean no crime. Protect your house or apartment with the latest in alarm systems. Securing your valuables and the safety of you and your family is our utmost priority, as well as your responsibility. Improperly and insufficiently secured homes are one of the most common causes for crime, and they tempt people into home breaking when your belongings are left unsecured.

We recommend a combination of mechanical engineering with electronic fuse monitoring. Mechanical fuses put the offender against active resistance and can prevent an intruder  under certain circumstances. It is crucial to have both deterrence and active security to maximize the protection of your home.

Alarm Detectors

Modern security systems offer a number of different automatic alarm detectors. Examples include:

  • Glass break detectors (windows, cabinets, door glazing)
  • Active Alarm glasses (glass facade / skin)
  • Light barriers (windows, corridors, outdoor)
  • Seismic detectors (storage units)
  • Motion detectors (Passive: infrared and active: ultrasound, and microwave)
  • Acoustic glass break detectors, change monitoring large areas of glass
  • Magnetic contact for doors

Outdoor Siren

The outdoor siren with flash informs the whole area of an emergency in the case of an attempted burglary and should be clearly visible to the street, but out of reach of someone else’s hands to prevent physical disabling of the alarm. These provide a high degree of deterrence.

The external siren is connected by wire or bus system with the control panel.