Energy Saving Tips & Tricks

Energy Saving Tips & Tricks

In terms of energy saving in the household, one good motto to apply: save where saving is worthwhile. Even small measures that cost little time and money can help you reduce energy consumption – and reduce immediately.


Using a books as a freezer insulation tester
Have you ever tested the insulation of your refrigerator? Just put a book on the top cover and wait a few hours. If the book is then cold, you should probably change the insulation of your refrigerator or buy a new device. This means that your refrigerator is not able to trap the cold temperatures effectively, and this causes heat gain through it’s surroundings. This causes your refrigerator to work doubly hard to keep the products inside it cool. By replacing your insulation with a fresh coat, you can increase the efficiency of your freezer and reduce the electricity bill, thus contributing to the energy saving of your household.

Freezers defrost
Through regular defrosting of your freezers, energy-sapping ice crust can be removed. Ice formation in your freezer causes the freezer to expend more energy in freezing the items inside it. Clean out your freezer or buy a self-defrosting one.

Kitchen and Cooking

Baking with residual heat
After baking with your oven, the residual heat doesn’t have to go to waste! You can use the oven while it’s still hot for the few minutes after it has been switched off. These few minutes can be used to defrost various things such as frozen pizzas or other frozen consumables. This saves on electricity by doubling the use of your oven.

Lid on the cooking pots
This is a no-brainer, but each pot needs its lid. This is especially true in the kitchen, because cooking times of dishes can be shortened significantly when no heat is allowed escape from the pot by using it’s matching lid. Save on gas costs!

Kitchen appliances for heating of water use
Use the proper appliances in the kitchen. Energy saving is simple. Rather than use a saucepan or boiler to heat water for use to make eggs, coffee or tea, use the corresponding equipment as they are more efficient at performing its selected functions. Use coffee makers, kettles and an egg cooker instead.

Microwave usage
Proper usage of a microwave contributes to better savings in the kitchen. The heat dial on a microwave does not need to be put to the maximum at all times. Most modern microwaves come with various specific functions such as “Defrost” or “Steamed Food” that apply the appropriate energy saving heat level to the consumable. This will regulate electricity usage instead of defaulting to a maximum power output at all times.