Smoke Detectors

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors save lives

The standards of structural fire protection are very high in Singapore. Adequate fire protection prevents the spread of fire to neighboring buildings, but people in the buildings themselves are not necessarily protected. Deaths from fires are not usually caused by burns, but from smoke inhalation. Fumes produced from a fire are extremely toxic, a few minutes of inhaling such toxic compounds can lead to dizzyness, breathing difficulties and eventually death. Sometimes a fire may start small and will go unnoticed. Smoke detection is one of the early warning signs to the active prevention and inhibition of huge fires. Inhaling smoke from a fire is fatal, therefore it goes without saying that a smoke detector is necessary in all homes and office spaces. A smoke detector is active around the clock, working even while you are asleep, allowing you a peace of mind as you rest.

Here are the different kinds:

Optical sensors

Most modern smoke detectors are optical, using photoelectric sensors. Light rays are emitted from the device and are captured on the opposing photo lens. In the presence of smoke, the photo lens will fail to detect any light rays thus the alarm will be triggered. This principle allows the device to function reliably yet not be triggered unnecessarily by low smoke volume cause by cigarettes or cooking that produces a low smoke exposure.

Laser Detectors

Laser detectors work on the same principle. Here only the light emitting diode of the optical smoke detector is replaced by a much higher-quality laser diode. This makes the measurement more accurate and allows it to detect even the smallest amounts of smoke particles. This is highly recommended for sensitive area or compounds filled with highly flammable materials. The Laser detector will be triggered on even the slightest produce of fumes from the smallest fire.



Installation in private households are easy and quick when installed by a professional. These devices are battery-powered and do not require any additional wiring. They are reliable and low maintenance. These devices are handy, quick to install and offer optimal protection for you and your family.