Standby Mode

Standby Mode

All electrical appliances have a ‘standby’ mode or a ‘off’ function. But is your device truly totally switched off? That may not be the case.

Most electrical appliances consume electricity even in the standby mode. Modern devices have a favorable standby power of 1-2 watts, while older or cheap devices consume up to 10-15 watts in standby mode. This invisible electricity consumption varies from device to device, but an average these total up to cost a household up to a staggering $50 a year! 

Built-in transformer – Invisible consumption

Voltage output from most wall sockets carry 220 to 240 volts AC, 50 cycles a second. As most electronic components cannot handle this high voltage, they require transformers to reduce this voltage down to 1.5 to 2.5V. A transformer that serves to convert the mains voltage to low voltage is a constant source of electricity consumption, especially if the device has a built in transformer. Even if the main switch on the wall is turned off, the primary coil of the transformer continues to draw power, thus your electrical consumption never stops. The best way to halt this consumption is to unplug your device from the wall socket.

Activate power-saving features

If you have the habit of leaving your PC running around the clock, you strain not only the PC’s system but also your wallet, with a high electric bill. It is always advisable to activate the power saving features of your computer. This system ensures that only the hardware components that are necessary will continue for operation, while those that are optional will be switched off.

“Vampire Lights”

Many devices, when turned off, display a red LED indicating it’s ‘off’ mode. Some may require more than 1 LED, and others may have different methods altogether. These all contribute to an ‘invisible’ electrical consumption. These vampire lights consume more electricity than it seems, and you may wish to entirely unplug your devices from its wall socket to minimize on such consumption.

Reduce standby consumption

There are certain devices that function to reduce the standby power that any device may draw while it is in standby mode. These devices are connected between the wall outlet and the device itself, as such it serves to regulate the electricity consumption of the device. Most also come with a switch that allows a “Complete Off” mode. This is noticeably more convenient than having to repeatedly plug and unplug a device from its wall socket every time you require its use.