Surge Protection

Surge Protection

Electrical surges or overloads are a common problem in most households. This is caused by a short-term increase in voltage in a certain appliance, and the usual consequence is that the affect device is destroyed or the circuit breaker in the house is tripped, causing a power outage.


The possible causes of overvoltages are varied. Among other things, would be suitable:

  • Lightning strike in the vicinity
  • Poor control by the utility
  • Sudden load increase due to power interruption at a current source
  • Electrostatic charges


The aftermath of an electrical short circuit caused by surges is that it can lead to damages of insulating materials, or the destruction of semiconductor devices, causing temporary malfunction of electronic circuits or to the destruction of your electronic equipment.


Lightning rods protect most homes from a direct lightning strike, but remote flashes can cause electronic equipment damage due to the resulting electromagnetic(EM) radiation.

Before an electrical surge can reach your sensitive equipment, it must be recognized and safely grounded. It is advisable to perform routine checks on the fuses of certain electrical equipment, or install them if they do not have one. It is also your responsibility to recognize when the condition of the circuit breaker in your home requires servicing and take the necessary action to get the repairs done.


Household insurers usually pay for all surge damage caused by lightning, or any damages that may be caused as a direct result of an electrical surge by unnatural causes. Consult your local insurance company for more information. It is a good idea to insure all property against electrical damages.